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Popular 43 affordable countries to visit from India in 2021

If you are dreaming to travel outside India, it’s better to take the below destinations as it will keep your pocket budget-friendly.

  1. Nepal

1 Nepalese rupee= 0.63 Indian rupee

One of those countries where you can go in search of the ultimate bliss is Nepal, also the cheapest country to visit from India. Delightfully nestled in pristine and abounding in natural wonders, Bhutan’s scenic beauty entices all. Be it coursing along the many treks along the hilly terrain or paying obeisance at the country’s many temples, Nepal is just the perfect place to rewind, relax and rejuvenate.

2. Egypt

1 Egyptian pound= 4.13 Indian rupees

A magical country that is an abode of a magnificent ancient heritage, Egypt is undoubtedly one of the most preferred of tourist destinations. With a legacy steeped in mystical charm, Egypt is famed as the land of the Pharaohs and held in awe for being home to the Great Sphinx of Giza. However, even with such wonders of the world as the architecturally significant pyramids, the land is relatively easier to tread, being one of the cheap countries to visit from India.

3. Vietnam

1 Vietnamese dong= 0.0030 Indian rupees

Somewhat underrated but Vietnam definitely counts as one of the worthiest places to visit. With a rich cultural history and heritage, apart from being abundant in natural beauty, Vietnam entices one and all with its charm and its lip-smacking repertoire of street food.

4. Bolivia

1 Bolivian Boliviano= 9.94 Indian rupees

Another of those lesser explored gems in the realm of magical tourist destinations, Bolivia is also steeped in highlandic beauty. A multitude of heighty mountains apart, Bolivia is most famed for the breathtakingly spectacular salt flat site- the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest natural mirror.

5. Bhutan

1 Bhutan currency= 1 Indian rupee

Bhutan has consistently been one of the happiest countries in the world and this Land of the Thunder Dragon has all the elements to bring joy unto you. A mysteriously enchanting abode, a really very affordable living experience and an aura of purity and calmness will definitely set you up for one of your most fulfilling travel affairs ever.

6. Ukraine

1 Ukrainian currency= 2.68 Indian Rupees

Mysteriously enticing and relatively untreaded, Ukraine is one of those low on the radar European countries that holds a charm of its own. Be it the breathtaking architecture or the stunning natural scenery, Ukraine is steeped in aesthetics and mystics. Also one of the cheapest country to visit from India, Ukraine definitely kicks high on the touristry vibe as well!

7.  Georgia

1 Georgian Lari= 24.57 Indian Rupee

A pretty quaint country, Georgia is called the ‘Balcony to Eurasia’. An amalgamation of diverse architectural influence, spectacularly magical caves, wonder trove of natural beauty all contributes to make one of the cheapest country to visit from India also one of the most magical.

8. Sri Lanka

1 Sri Lankan Rupee= 0.39 Indian Rupee

India’s closest island neighbor Sri Lanka is also one of the most affordable places for Indians to take a detour. With its close proximity to a lot of things Indian and also by virtue of its ample natural beauty, this laidback country is just a perfect holiday destination for those who seek happiness in nature.

9. Cuba

1 Cuban Peso= 68.66 Indian Rupees

Once famed as being the Sugar Bowl of the World, Cuba is a pretty nation overlooking the Carribean islands that is known for its equally pretty beaches and incredible landscape. This tropical destination is also steeped in rich history and culture and as one of the cheapest of tourist spots definitely can be explored as an offbeat traveling paradise.

10. Turkey

1 Turkish lira= 11.99 Indian Rupees

Turkey is one land that forever beckons travel buffs with its off-beat offerings of spectacular routes and under-explored landscapes and attractions. Turkey weaves tales fairy tale-like, right from its divine desserts and coffee to its spectacular hot air balloon experience and delightful fairy chimneys. This magical abode of snow and enchantment is also surprisingly one of the cheapest countries to visit from India! Invigorating and enchanting- sounds so like fun, sounds so like Turkey!

11. Russia

1 Russian Ruble= 1.08 Indian Rupees

We wouldn’t have expected Russia to make it to the list considering that it is a place which experiences a really stupendous tourist rush. But even with all its diversity in culture and tradition, Russia remains one of the most affordable places if you want to go abroad. Even then, it isn’t just the bucks, Russia is a captivatingly beautiful place to explore as well!

12. Indonesia

1 Indonesian Rupiah= 0.0049 Indian Rupees

Even with its presence as a favored tourist destination on the world map for a long, Indonesia retains its charm for most of the travel-savvy people out there. And it isn’t just the allure of its beauty that lures tourists in there. The country is also infused with rich culture and ancient heritage and banks on the tranquility that its serene beaches and exquisite terrains have to offer.

13. Paraguay

1 Paraguayan Guarani= 0.011 Indian Rupees

Boasting untamed natural beauty and a relatively offbeat vibe, Paraguay is one of those countries that has a laidback relaxed aura to it. An unparalleled living experience that too in one of the cheapest countries to visit from India in 2021 is what now will keep us going for the rest of the year!

14. Jordan

1 Jordanian dinar= 96.79 Indian Rupees

Jordan is an Arab country of impressive legacy and majestic monuments, mystic caravans and a mesmerising historical aura. With its limited but rich natural bounty, Jordan sets wanderlusting fascination on even in its rugged landscape and weathered terrains.

15. Kazakhstan

1 Kazakhstani tenge= 0.18 Indian Rupee

Kazakhstan might not appeal to you as being particularly quirky but the world’s largest land locked country is indeed charming. High on thrill and oddities, Kazakhstan is also wealthy and well, ‘oily’. Idylic lakes and green mountains and you get the idea how surprisingly romantic Kazakhstan can be.

16. Japan

1 Japanese Yen= 0.63 Indian Rupees

Japan isn’t just The Land of the Rising Sun. One of the most disciplined of countries also abounding in ample beauty, Japan is famed as the land of cherry blossoms. These blossoms of pink beauties lend the country a charm and elegance that is unparalleled. A delightfully pretty country which also is one of the cheapest to visit from India, Japan is a sure shot delight for every true reveler of the world’s wonders.

17. Namibia

1 Namibian dollar= 4.85 Indian Rupees

Dramatic landscapes as exotic as red sand dunes and as relaxing as hot springs dot the African country that sure will provide you ample opportunities to satiate the traveler spirit in you. There’s an adventure, there are thrill and fun and even a kind of inviting eeriness in the air. Namibia sure has got your 2021 travel plans sorted.

18. Hong Kong

1 Hong Kong Dollar= 8.80 Indian Rupees

One of the cheapest countries to visit from India is Hong Kong which is also one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. Beauty and magnificence apart, the Asian nation also packs a punch with its wide range of tourist activities on offer.

Most spectacular are the country’s dazzling skylines but Hong Kong also scores on its natural quotient- hillocks and islands, apart from the blingy cities and the market places.

19. Costa Rica

1 Costa Rican Colón= 0.12 Indian Rupee

A world leader in eco tourism, Costa Rica is spectacularly beautiful and very low cost to travel to. With worthy natural assets to boast of, the country has indeed focussed heavily on sustainabilty to emerge as a very aesthetic, green tourist hot spot for people around the world. A mostly pleasant tropical climate and an equally enriching natural ambience sure makes Costa Rica a very charismatic holiday destination.

20. Mongolia

1 Mongolian Tughrik= 0.025 Indian Rupee

Land of the Eternal Blue Sky, Mongolia speaks eloquence in its every aspect. As amazing as this offbeat place is, it also abounds in magnificent wonders. Whether it be those extensive stretches of desert lands or the profusely historical capital Ulaanbaatar or even the pristine monastery settings, Mongolia will not cease to lend you the perfect vacation you have been seeking for so long.

21. UAE

1 United Arab Emirates Dirham= 18.68 Indian Rupees

UAE is one of those destinations that has emerged to be on the top of every traveler’s list in a short span of time. With its nomadic vibes and a vibe unique to its own, the regality and opulence of this Asian nation appeal to everyone. Even then, UAE is surprisingly accessible and quite budget-friendly as well. Grand and luxurious, UAE sure is a premier tourist destination to explore at the lowest cost.

22. Mexico

1 Mexican Peso= 3.61 Indian Rupees

Mexico is a country bestowed with an endless array of colored beauty. Right from its marvelous beaches to its incredible architecture, Mexico is diverse and multifarious which makes your visit all the more worthwhile. The really low-cost living experience makes Mexico also one of the cheapest countries to visit from India.

23. Albania

1 Albanian Lek= 0.63 Indian Rupees

Mountainous terrains and uncrowded natural spaces- sounds about right for your next international trip? Then Albania might be the place for you! Natural and peaceful, this European country might be lacking in the swanky, history-rich European vibe but still makes it matter with its offbeat offerings.

24. Kenya

1 Kenyan Shilling= 0.67 Indian Rupee

If you are one of those wildlife enthusiasts who seek to explore the wilderness in nature, then Kenya should be an unmissable opportunity to wander to. And as an African country, Kenya is also one of the cheapest country to visit from India.

Safari trips amidst the majestic wildlife settings and picturesque savanna terrains while discovering also the intriguing culture and other touristy attractions will sure make your Kenya trip a truly memorable one.

25. Myanmar

1 Myanmar Kyat= 0.046 Indian Rupee

Myanmar is known for its rich culture and ancient legacy and a beautiful natural landscape. Its close proximity to India has also made this natural haven a hot favorite among tourists seeking to explore the world in all its resplendent glory.

Myanmar also packs a punch by virtue of its amazing hospitality and touristry specialities. The enchanting golden pagodas and sacred stupas rev up the cultural vibe of the place and guarantee you a fulfilling holiday experience.

26. Bulgaria

1 Bulgarian Lev= 39.36 Indian Rupee

A top pick from Europe if you want to go grand even in the budget way has to be the Balkan country Bulgaria. The landlocked country is stunningly pretty with its mysterious mountainous beauty and culturally amped up the legacy. Like many other European countries, Bulgaria indeed has too much grandeur attached to it that you can very well explore without even going broke.

27. Taiwan

1 Taiwanese Dollar= 2.19 Indian Rupees

Taiwan is one of the earliest destinations that gained popularity among tourists world wide. Immensely rich in diversity and culture, Taiwan will entice you with its beautiful lush mountainous terrain as well as its sparkling cities. The weather there is equally inviting and serves just as the perfect country for your next holidaying sojourn.

28. Oman

1 Omani Rial= 178.06 Indian Rupees

Oman is a place resounding with pretty glory. Be it an abundance of natural endowments or the majestic architectural manifestations, Oman will not let you be disappointed. The historical grandeur of the many colorful palaces and ancient forts will make you feel like as if you are roaming about in wonderland.

29. Greece

1 Euro= 76.91 Indian Rupee

Greece is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque locations you can serenade off to, and that too on a budget. The majesty of Europe, the appeal of a place as alluringly archaic as Greece, and above all the mystical beauty of the wonderland is for sure not to be missed. Your Greek itinerary would obviously be incomplete without a tour of the country’s famed attractions. But when you are doing it on a pay cut, you should rather revert to the lesser-knowns.

30. Lebanon

1 Lebanese pound= 0.045 Indian Rupee

What entices people the world over about Lebanon is the rich ancestry and heritage of the land famed for its plethora of World Heritage Sites. Lebanon is culturally and historically very rich and varied. The country is also bestowed with captivating natural beauty and is celebrated for its exotic architectural structures.

History revellers, sightseers and budget cutters alike will discover that Lebanon is indeed one among the cheapest country to visit from India in 2021.

31. Zimbabwe

1 Zimbabwean Dollar= 0.189429 Indian Rupee

The wild African landscape, the exotic lush flora and a variety of animals that inhabit the wilderness sure makes Zimbabwe a wonderland for wildlife enthusiasts. It might not appeal to you very much as a tourist destination but for those wanting to tread upon unknown routes, Zimbabwe is undefinably majestic. Zimbabwe sure asks to be explored also as one of the cheapest country to visit from India.

32. Maldives

1 Maldivian Rufiyaa= 4.44 Indian Rupees

With its picture-perfect beaches, the bluest of waters, and an array of streets that are dressed up in the most vibrant of colors, Maldives is alluring, enticing, and undeniably gorgeous. Low budget and unlimited fun are two of the essential pros that make the Maldives a favorite among tourists from India. And it isn’t just romance that makes this island nation a haven for romantics. Even adventure seekers can experience the rush of adrenaline by indulging in the many adventure water sports on offer in this beautiful destination.

33. Cambodia

1 Cambodian Riel= 0.017 Indian Rupee

Cambodia is a country that is abounding in a wonder trove of unabated cultural riches and heritage. Among the cheapest country to visit from India, Cambodia ensures that you don’t miss out on any of the place’s rich legacy. Peaceful, pretty and pure- that’s what a visit to the Land of the Gods would feel like!

34. Hungary

1 Hungarian Forint= 0.24 Indian Rupee

With a fascinating history and a heritage steeped in cultural wonders, Hungary with its many a places of tourist interest has remained a hot favorite for holidayers around the world. The country offers the best eastern European cuisine and is weirdly famous for the ‘shores’ of Lake Balaton. So if you are seeking some fun in some off-centric destination this year, Hungary sure is the place for you.

35. Laos

1 Laotian Kip= 0.0079 Indian Rupee

Known as ‘the country of a million elephants’, Laos speaks opulent majesty and elegance. The beautiful specimen of French architecture set against the idyllic mountainous expanse beckons you into exploring one among this cheapest country to visit from India.

36. Belize

1 Belize Dollar= 34.03 Indian Rupee

The white sandy coastal delight that Belize is, the Central American nation offers ample exploring vistas for the high on adrenaline travel enthusiasts. Tropical forests, ancient ruins, sparkling beaches, and a host of diverse wonders sure make Belize a highly offbeat destination to spend your best part of 2021.

37. Thailand

1 Thai Baht= 2.23 Indian Rupee

Friendly locals, rich scenic landscapes, opulent and ancient legacies, and above all its reputation as the Land of Smiles- Thailand is very much every traveler’s paradise. As a tourist-favored destination, Thailand has held everyone in awe for a long. And now that you also know that it is one of the cheapest to travel to from India, you sure should not wait to take the plunge in Thailand’s picturesque environs

38. Qatar

1 Qatari Rial= 18.83 Indian Rupees

One of the most opulent of tourist destinations that is surprisingly low cost is the peninsular Arab country Qatar. Nestled within the stunning dazzle of the beauty of the Persian Gulf, Qatar finds favor among travelling enthusiasts. Immersed in elegance and resplendent in hues, Qatar is definitely the place to travel to if you seek to rave even on a budget.

39. Seychelles

1 Seychellois Rupee= 5.04 Indian Rupee

An archipelago of more than a hundred islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is famed for its natural beauty. Specifically for its exotic beaches and magnificent coral reefs, the country offers exemplary opportunities to just laze about on your much needed vacation. And what’s more, this picture perfect getaway comes at a price that would not be too high a tug on your budget.

40. Philippines

1 Philippine Piso= 1.34 Indian Rupee

Philippines isn’t called the Pearl of the Orient Sea for nothing. The splendidly majestic blue waters by the equally stunning beaches and a whopping 7000 tropical islands indeed sets you up for one of the most exotic holiday experiences. Among the list of cheapest countries to visit from India, the Philippines is very much a paradise waiting to be explored.

41. Belarus

1 Belarusian Ruble= 33.41 Indian Rupees

European destinations have been hot favorite among tourist destinations for the majestic grandeur of these exotic places. While Belarus might not strike you as being particularly vacation friendly, the country is indeed a surprisingly beautiful place to explore.

Belarus is home to numerous World Heritage Sites accredited by UNESCO. Scenic hills and picturesque dazzling lakes dot the place which is equally steeped in majestic modern architecture. With a pleasant climate and mostly welcoming locals, Belarus can indeed turn out to be the country of your dreams, to explore, to love and to surely not miss!

42. Romania

1 Romanian Leu= 16.29 Indian Rupees

Romania already holds much of the charm as the place behind the origin of the thankfully fictional vampire The Dracula. The country also abounds in numerous charming castles that hold all the appeal and allure. And with its reputation as a truly cheap country to travel to, we hope your 2021summer trip is somewhat sorted!

43. Malaysia

1 Malaysian Ringgit= 16.56 Indian Rupee

Malaysia is famed for being one of those tourist destinations with an exotic beachy appeal but it also is one of the cheapest country to visit from India. Extremely budget efficient but still a whole lot of fun, Malaysia is the place you can visit even on a shoe string budget.

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