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25 Phuket Must-Do, Must-See, Must-Eat

Phuket: Sun, sea, fun, nature and the ideal holiday destination that will keep you coming back for more. This laid-back island is truly a paradise boasting some of the best sceneries that Southeast Asia has to offer. We have listed 25 must-do, must-see, must-eat, cuisines and activities that you definitely can’t miss while on holiday in Phuket.

1) Zipline Adventure in Kathu

Zipline -Must do in Phuket

Get a bird’s-eye view of the lush, green forests of Phuket by hopping on a zipline adventure. Here, you’ll get to appreciate the island apart from what it’s typically known for; sun, sea and sand. The best takeaway is being able to witness the peaceful environment in its natural state.Take that step and gain greater awareness of our environment.

2) Kayak Tour in Phang Nga Bay, with John Gray

Kayak tour - must do in Phuket

The Legendary John Gray Kayak Tour has been operating for over 20 years and has never lost any of its success. In fact, if there is one tour you must join in Phuket, it has to be this one. This one day kayak experience is made for you fall in love in Phuket and its sceneries, delicious food and exceptionnal service are awaiting you onboard. While, on the kayak you can just lay down while your guide paddles and brings you into sensational “Hong”. The tour finishes with a flower ritual inside a cave (The Hong by Starlight Tour, as it is called).

3) Babanest, at Sri Panwa Resort

Babanest - Must do in Phuket

Rated amongs the top 10 best rooftop bars of SE Asia, Babanest is one of those places that will stick to your memory for long time. Its 360 degree panoramic view on the Andaman sea is the best place to catch the sunset in Phuket. Suprise your loved one and bring her to Babanet at Sri Panwa Resort for an unforgettable sunset drink!

4) Blue Elephant – Royal Thai Cuisine & Cooking Class

Blue Elephant Restaurant - must eat in Phuket

The best and finest Thai dining experience on the island! Known for its authenticity and excellence, The Blue Elephant follows recipes crafted by its world-renowned chef, Khun Noroor Somany Steppe. Indulge in unique Thai dishes that boast of Thailand’s past, present and future gastronomic culture while surrounded by scenic views.

Blue Elephant is also home to one of the most respected cooking classes in Thailand.

5) Speedboat Excursion to Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi - must see in Phuket

A speedboat away from Phuket, Phi-Phi is the must-visit island of Thailand. You must have seen pictures of it in many travel magazines, and the reality is even more impressive. This perfect Holywood movie setting location, and its stunning white sandy beaches is the place to be for beach goers. World-class snorkeling spots await you around the island too.

6) Siam Supper Club

Siam Supper Club restaurant - must do in Phuket

This internationally famous establishment’s menu can only be described as “West Coast Cuisine”, serving up the finest meats, fish and pizzas in Southeast Asia. And then there’s dessert! A platter of decadence filled with cheesecakes and puddings await you after your meal. Head to the long-bar for a transcendent club-like feel while sipping on equatorial cocktails and listening to mellow lounge music from the resident house deejay.

7) Paramotor Trial Flight

Paramotor trial flight - must do in Phuket

This extreme sport is probably the best way to overcome your fear of flying. Soar to new heights with one of the newest but safest forms of aviation. Cruise over Phuket’s incredible landscape all in the knowledge that you are in the safe hands of professional instructors. The pilots in this organisation have EU and US licences ranging from beginners to advanced. Enjoy paramotoring in the early mornings or evenings, when the views are most spectacular and appreciate beauty from the best view possible to humankind.

8) Kan Eang @ Pier, Chalong

Kan Eang at pier - Must eat in Phuket

Upon first glance, Kan Eang serves some of the best Thai seafood and local cuisine dishes that you’ll find in Phuket. In addition, the views you’ll get to experience while dining here are spectacular. Located right next to Chalong jetty, it features both indoor and indoor dining areas showcasing views of the marina. On the menu, deep-fried freshwater weed with battered-shrimp sounds unique but it tastes superbly good! Also try the lobster in butter, grilled tiger prawns, crab and squid and if you’re not in the mood for seafood, there’s the tom ka gai (chicken in coconut milk) that you can’t miss.

9) Mom Tri’s Kitchen At Villa Royale, Kata Noi

Mom Tri’s Kitchen At Villa Royale - Must eat in Phuket

When the perfect dining experience crosses your path, you have to take it! Villa Royale is strategically located between Kata Yai and Kata Noi beaches and boasts of beautiful gardens with a brilliant view. The sumptuous spread consists of gourmet food, professionally styled to  tickle your senses. Antiques and beautiful artworks grace the restaurant while the mood is set with live jazz music making it the perfect way to end the evening.

10) Catch Beach Club


Nestled into the sand dunes and directly facing the sea, Catch is one of the best places to admire Phuket’s stunning sunset. The decor fully compliments the snazzy beach vibe showcasing white walls, mosaics, turquoise cushions and wooden flooring. Order a glass of Moet & Chandon and settle down for an intimate night with the cool sea breeze blowing through your hair. If you visit on the weekends, you’ll get to witness fire dancers, saxophonists and bongo players that will add a touch of rhythm to your night.

11) Helicopter Tour over the Phang Nga Bay

Helicopter tour - Must do in Phuket

Discover the most stunning sky views you’ve ever seen! An Helicopter Tour Experience in Phuket is a must-do, the reason is simple: there’s no other scenery like Phuket’s coastline and splendid Phang Nga Bay. Fly over majestic limestones, turquoise water, white sandy beaches. This is one of the best things to do with friends, or with your loved one, while in Phuket!

12) Sizzle at Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa

Sizzle restaurant - must eat in Phuket

Dubbed as one of the loveliest locations for beef lovers, you’ll get to dine in a loft overlooking two gorgeous beaches as the sunset lingers lazily on the horizon. More importantly, the food here is just as extravagant as its setting. The rooftop steakhouse seats only 32 people providing an intimate atmosphere with staff catering to your every whim and fancy. Try the ‘Cajun Blackened Beef Rib-Eye’ drizzled with creamy blue oxford cheese or the ‘New Zealand Lamb Chops.’ Whichever style of meat you prefer, Sizzle will have them grilled up and ready for you to devour.

13) Phuket Town Night Market

Street Phuket Town - must see in Thailand

Look for cheap eats and exotic gifts that can’t be found in bustling shopping malls at Phuket’s Night Market. It’s a sea of stalls here, each selling something different and unique. Prices are not fixed so you will have to haggle them down with shop owners. Everything here is 100% Thai and there’s a certain beauty about getting lost in the labyrinth of shops as you set out to find exactly what you want.

14) Muay Thai Classes (Beginners to Intermediate)

Patong Boxing Stadium - must see in Phuket

Here’s an excellent way to shed those few extra pounds! The pride of Thai culture lies within its traditional sport: Muay Thai. Recognised at the best gym for foreigners, this centre of learning is highly sought after for its flexibility to host international kickboxers with different fitness aspirations. The training programmes cater to everyone: those who want to improve their fitness and those serious about becoming professional fighters. Sign up and acquire skills that’ll benefit you in the long run.

Another of the good things to do in Phuket for Muay Thai enthusiast is to check out the Patong Boxing Stadium!

And, we recommend you taking a class at one of the most respected Thai boxing camp in Phuket: Tiger Muay Thai.

15) Steam Bath & Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage - must do in Phuket

Rid yourself from the stresses of everyday life and enter the domain of all tranquility and rejuvenation. This team of experienced therapists will use a variety of relaxation forms on you that’ll leave you feeling like you’ve stepped out of the fountain of youth. Try a selection of traditional Thai remedies passed down from generations that will help awaken your body and calm your mind. Best done with a loved one to bring you both a great bonding experience.

16) Rum Distillery Tour

Rhum distillery tour - must do in Phuket

Thailand happens to be the perfect spot to grow sugarcane. Much to everyone’s delight, there are over 200 different types to choose from. With so much available, there’s a huge market for local home-made rum. Spend the day learning how ‘Chalong Bay Rum’ is made, while understanding the history of sugarcane production in Southeast Asia. Since Rum is a big part of this region, you’re definitely in for a cultural tour (once you’ve put down your glass of course). And not to mention, you’ll get to take home a bottle as a souvenir! Tip: Best to do it with friends.

17) Skye Beach Club

Skye beach club - must do in Phuket

Recently opened, SKYE Beach Club is the place to be if you stay in the North area of Phuket. It is also ideally located 3 Km from the airport, which makes it a good spot to stop for your farewell drink!

The rooftop in Naiyang Beach offers an excellent selection of food and cocktails. This new addition to the northern part of Phuket will not disappoint you!

18) Xana Beach Club

Xana beach club - must do in Phuket

Xana beach club is one of those places you must visit, either to spend a day chilling out in a dream-like beach, a dinner or even a Sunday brunch. Xana beach club caters to taste of all from beach lovers to families. It also hosts International DJs on some weekends, bringing the crowds from all over the island to some of the coolest parties. Xana beach club is the place to be for those wanting to savour the delicious life Phuket has to offer.

19) Cooking Classes In Kata

Cooking class in Kata - must do in Phukket

If you’re a budding cook, passionate about learning the principles behind Thai cooking, this is the place for you. You’ll be taught how to make three Thai specialities with a small group of people (2-7) under the guiding hand of a Thai food expert. This comfortable and intimate setting doesn’t just teach you how to master the art of traditional Thai cooking but also provides a platform for you to interact with other aspiring cooks and make new friends. For the homely soul, spending a day at this class will definitely be a treat for the senses.

20) Get started with Diving on World Class Diving spots

Experience Diving - must do in Phuket

If you are into Diving, then you should know that Phuket is the place to be! Boasting amongst the most beautiful diving spots, Phuket is rated amongst the top 10 diving destinations in the world.

If you’ve always been interested in discovering scuba diving, Phuket’s colourful marine life and pristine waters will welcome you to an unforgettable experience.

21) Wat Chalong (Chalong Temple)

Wat Chalong - must see in Phuket

After a day of fun-filled activities, it’s always a good to feed your spirit by visiting the most important temple in Phuket. More than a being a religious landmark, this temple holds amazing Buddhist relics. The centrepiece has a 60 metre long Chedi, said to hold the actual splinter of Buddha as well as intricately detailed murals carved along the temple walls. This house of peace will allow you to sit in the presence of serene meditation and do some soul searching for a few hours.

22) The Big Buddha

The big Buddha - must see in Phuket

The Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri Buddha stretches 25 metres across the base and is made of Burmese white jade marble. This symbol of hope will leave you standing in awe within the very heart of Buddhism, that proclaims the message of peace and a sound mind. Reflect silently as you read the touching messages written on the thousands of brick and marble slabs, most of them serving as a memorial for loved ones who have passed away. The best way to show your appreciation will be to leave a small donationbehind to help maintain this inspirational relic so the future generations can also visit it. Definitely a Must-See in Phuket!

23)  Secret & Less Touristy Beaches

Quiet beaches - must see in Phuket

Besides the typical beach located in Patong, littered with excited tourists, there are a countless number of quiet stretches if you’re looking for less touristy beaches around Phuket. Spend the day at ‘Had Sai Kaew beach’, ‘Koh Bon island’, and the secluded ‘Ko Kho Khao’ where you’ll be able to reflect in complete peace with only the sound of the waves as a company.

24) Baan-Teelanka (The Upside-Down House)

Baan Teelanka upsidedown house in Phuket, Thailand

Compared to an Alice In Wonderland Experience, Baan Teelanka is sure to leave you completely disorientated! One of the quirkiest attractions in Phuket, it’s perfect for some light-hearted fun. This three story house is leaning entirely on its roof. Built by a Swiss-Thai couple, their home offers sensational photo opportunities. Fun, yet puzzling, there are even two rooms that you’ll need to find clues to in order to escape from. Seeing is believing and you’ll definitely must-see this spectacular creation while in Phuket.

25) Promthep Cape

Promthep Cape sunset - must see in Phuket

The southernmost point of Phuket owns some spectacular views. Since it’s located on an elevated setting, everyone’s here for one thing: that perfect sunset shot. Bask in the anticipation of the crowd as the orange sky looms over the horizon. After snapping the perfect picture, there’s the option of walking down to the end of the cape for more scenic views, although you might have to prep yourselves for muscle cramps along the way as this is no easy task.

Here’s all of Phuket in a nutshell! Rain or shine, the island has something for everyone. From the sublime to downright unique, we hope you take away wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Do you have any other suggestions of things to do in Phuket? We would be happy to hear about it, just leave a comment

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